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Thread: edge and ModuleLiveStreamRecord

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    Default edge and ModuleLiveStreamRecord

    I have wowza 3 server in origin, edge architecture (Windows 2008)

    I would like to record live stream on edge server (I don't want to "load" origin server with recording 8 concurent streams...)
    I'm using module "ModuleLiveStreamRecord" it works only on origin server.

    I was abble to run recording on edge server too, but it is not as convinient as on origin server.
    1) There must be a player (vlc or flash playing live stream from edge) which keeps connection between origin and this edge
    2) There must be "started stream with type: liverepeater" (in IP:8086/streammanager)
    3) When it is ready I can start stream IP:8086/livestreamrecord?livestreamrecord&action=startRecording...
    4) But I cannot stop the stream (it closes file, when last player on server is disconnected)
    ( calling IP:8086/livestreamrecord?livestreamrecord&action=stopRecording...) returns Recorder not found

    I hope there is a simplier way how to record on edge server. Could you give me an advice?

    If there is not a simplier way, how can I "started stream with type: liverepeater" using startupstream.xml?
    I filled file StartupStreams.xml with same parameters like in (in IP:8086/streammanager), but when I restarted wowza no stream is started (calling IP:8086/livestreamrecord?livestreamrecord&action=startRecording... returned stream is not live)
    Application: MIDtest_MID_origin/_definst_
    MediaCasterType: liveRepeater
    StreamName: elh_brno_live1.sdp

    Thank you Martin

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    Any progress have been made with that issue ?
    I am stack with that same problem of recording for two days...


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    Try the suggestion I gave you here:


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