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Thread: Testing the scalability of a Wowza module.

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    Wink Testing the scalability of a Wowza module.


    We created a wowza application module that uses a server Shared Object to keep a global state of all the Flash clients that connect to it. So that the server dictates which state all the clients should be at one point in time.
    Now our client is wondering if this application will scale to 1000s of concurrent connections (Note that the Flash clients do not create the SO only read the server created SO).
    My question is how can we test it? We tried looking a the wowza Load testing tool but it only seems to work testing FLV files and we need to test a swf client replicated 1000s times connecting to the server.

    Thanks in advance,

    PS: I've been told by the wowza support folks that I shouldn't worry and that it should support 10s of 1000s of concurrent connection but our client really wants to see the limits by our tests.

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    We just don't have benchmark testing of SO application like that, or a test tool for it either, as you mentioned. Not sure what to suggest. In video streaming, bandwidth is the usual limiting factor. SO data doesn't use nearly as much bandwidth or overhead, so on good server with good network, it is going to be very high, just not sure exactly.


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