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Thread: Newby questions about transcoding

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    Default Newby questions about transcoding

    I am bit unsure how to get started with using the new transcoding add-on.

    Is there a free demo version with all features to test?

    If i later buy the full version, how many licenses do I need to do following: transcode 4 different MPEG-2 Video streams to H.264/AAC, each to 3 different bitrates (500 kbps, 1 Mbit, 1.5 Mbit), so a total of 4x3=12 streams. Is it 2 licenses for 2x2 input streams, or 12/2=6 licenses for 12 different streams?

    The web page says: This license permits transcoding for up to 2 incoming channels to an
    unlimited number of outbound streams

    Can I test this with the demo version?


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    You can request a free trial license from This Trial Edition includes all the AddOns, including Wowza Transcoder.

    One Perpetual Edition license is for up to 2 incoming streams and an unlimited number of outbound streams. If you have 4 incoming streams, that would be 2 perpetual licenses. Subscription Edition works works differently. The same link has pricing for the number of channels (streams).


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