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Thread: Live streaming to an Android browser?

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    Default Live streaming to an Android browser?

    Adobe's announcement that they are not going to support Flash player on mobile has some folks spooked.
    Are there any reliable options out there for LIVE streaming to Android within the browser? I'm looking for
    something that can be embedded within a plain old web page (HTML5 or otherwise). I'm trying to avoid
    creating an app if possible.

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    I suppose you are referring to this blog/press release:

    As I understand it, Flash for Android will be feature locked at version 11.1 (continued bug/security fixes), while Adobe will continue to develop Flash 12 for Windows, Mac, and Linux OSs. So, I think this means that you can continue to develop in flash for Android for the near future (2 years?). Meanwhile we will all be looking to see where the industry manufacturers are heading. Right now the combination of H.264/ACC is supported on all major devices/OSs via Flash, Cupertino, or RTSP. In the HTML5 world, some browsers do not support one or the other codec.

    We are all in the same boat: seeing where the OEMs are heading as they sort out their power-plays and software patents.

    As you can see here:, even youtube is struggling to figure out where to go with HTML5.

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