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    Hi! I have 3 servers WowzaMediaserver (trial)
    2 of them have the same config to streaming, i can play streams from them
    Third of them i have instaled as Load balancer listner and that 2 server as Load Balancer Sender
    I can see there http://x.x.x.x:1935/loadbalancer redirect to my Load Balancer Sender (redirect=x.x.x.1 and redirect=x.x.x.2)
    I have setup Load Balancer solution from README.html in
    On my edges servers i have aplication for streaming "ch"
    On my Load Balancer Listner i have make folder [install-dir]/applications/redirect , created the folder [install-dir]/conf/redirect and copy the file [install-dir]/conf/Application.xml and made changes as it shows in README
    As i undestand i have type [application-name] as my edge servers have application "ch"
    But How can i play streams now with Load Balancer?
    I tried to play rtmp://loadbalancerListner_ip:1935/ch/ and rtmp://loadbalancerListner_ip:1935/redirect/ , dont working
    What be i am doing somethink wrong!

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    See the second post in this thread:

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