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Thread: Load Balance with differents Gbps Nic

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    Lightbulb Load Balance with differents Gbps Nic

    Hi, there is a way to make load balancing servers but with different bandwidth in the server, I Have Servers with 1Gbps and 2Gbps.

    And In this moment only send users the same amount for each server.

    So, the server with 1gbps is satured and the 2gbps is with the 50% free

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    You can use this to set different limits on each edge:


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    But the problem is That I dont know with how many viewers the server is full because depend the bitrate of streamers

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    If you set the second edge to twice the number of streams as the first edge, it should average out.

    I understand there are some limitations to this. Since it is just an average, you might overrun your bandwidth, or under-utilize it.

    You could use this method and just set the values 20% lower, to give yourself some overhead.

    If you really wanted to maximize your bandwidth, it would take some complicated logic/programming. It would be very difficult to do this from Wowza, as you would have to monitor the current bandwidth of each adaptive stream, which I don't know is possible. Instead you would do this on the OS level. In your module you could run a system command (in linux) such as iptraf to get the current bandwidth for that server, and change your MAXCONNECTIONS variable in the module accordingly. Or you could parse the output of "ifconfig" every 5-seconds or so to calculate the current bandwidth utilization.

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