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Thread: Problems using wowzaplaystart/wowzaplayduration

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    Default Problems using wowzaplaystart/wowzaplayduration

    I am using the latest wowza-Server and ran into some strange behavior today.
    When adding a playstart to the URL for http-streaming (iOS) the playback only starts if I additionally add a duration-value of exactly 40000ms (like in the example).
    I am streaming a h264 video which has keyframes at the playstart’s timecode.
    If I omit the value for the duration, the playback won’t even start (HTML5 video tag). So I assume the value is mandatory.
    Is there a way to just let the video play from the “playstart” to it’s end.

    Any help is highly appreciated, especially if the problem could be caused by poor video encoding.

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    I have looked at the following link which sounds like the same that you have looked at here,

    and I would like to know if you have tried the 2nd number value of 0, E.G.

    If so have you tried this?,
    I know its not great but if it works then it works....


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