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Thread: Script user/pass on boot of wowza EC2

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    Default Script user/pass on boot of wowza EC2

    Hi there, I wonder if anyone has accomplished this:
    I want to boot an instance for a third party with two things setup:
    1. authentifiction so that only someone who provided the correct credentials can stream to the server, anyone can watch.
    2. set up user/pass so that the connection monitoring url can ne accessed http://myinstance:8086/connectioncounts

    Is this doable with a startup script? This is not something I have attempted before so if there's an example - that would be fantastic.
    I dont really want to have to SSH in every time I fire up an instance if possible.

    many thanks

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    It is easy to do with a startup package. Anything you add or modify and add the startup package will be part of the instance configuration


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    Hi thanks thats good to know, are there any examples of how one might achieve this - step by step?

    many thanks

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