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    I don't know it this is possible server side but I think I have read an article before that suggest this kind of streaming.

    I want to place all my Video on the server then I want to stream it in a looping manner.

    At first, I thought a playlist will do the job but when you have returning viewers, playlist will start to annoy them because they will have to start the viewing at the beginning of the list.

    Now what I am looking for is a way to be able to create a stream from my video files but it should play continuously regardless of anything. That means If I view the stream now then watch 10 minutes then decided to stop it then play it again after 10 minutes, I should be seeing the video on the 20 minutes marker. Not start from beginning nor start where I left off.

    I don't know how it is called in streaming world because I am new here but I hope I have explain it enough why I called it TV like streaming. A tv program play continuously regardless if someone is watching or not.

    (Short version.. can I stream right out of the server that runs continuously regardless if someone is watching or not?)


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