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Thread: Live transcoding of a MPEG2-TS stream

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    Default Live transcoding of a MPEG2-TS stream

    Hey all,

    We have a transcoder instance we're trying to set up. I can get the transcoder to work in the same application with one of our live h.264 cameras. That's pretty awesome. But the source we have looks to be an MPEG4 video transport stream. I can open VLC on the server and go to udp/ts:@:6100 and the video plays fine. VLC reports the following for Codecs:
    Stream 0
    Type: Video
    Original ID: 1000
    Codec: MPEG-4 Video (mp4v)
    Resolution: 704x480
    Frame Rate: 14.984681
    Stream 1
    Type: Video
    Original ID: 1001
    Codec: MPEG-1/2 Video (mpgv)
    Stream 2
    Type: Audio
    Original ID: 1011
    Codec: A52 Audio (AKA AC3)(A52)

    For whatever reason when I try and pass this video through the same transcoder application and then open up the output in VLC it won't play. I have the stream set up for udp:// and also tried the IP address of the local box rather than all 0's and neither worked.

    Any idea as to what I may be doing wrong? Is the input Codec not supported? Something more I need to do than start the stream in StreamManager for this TS? Thoughts?


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    AC3 input is not supported. Take a look at the Transcoder Overview for a list of supported codecs.

    If you can turn off the audio stream on your IP cameras it might work. (I have heard of this working.)

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    Is it possible to simply shut off the audio Wowza side and/or just ignore that track? For our needs we just want the video and making changes to flight-ready hardware is a lot harder than controlling the software on the ground.



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    I don't think there is a way to do that at present.


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