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Thread: Basic Questions about EC2 Wowza 3

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    Default Basic Questions about EC2 Wowza 3

    Hi there,

    I am not an extreme geek or nerd, and for sure no expert. I have worked with the AMIs of EC2/Wowza 2 for quite a time, and have learned to work around, which I did't get worked out by the manual ;-)

    for example:

    I am using the amazon php tools to start my ec2 server from my normal website. I have written a ph script which starts my server, transferes some new files via ftp, and finally I was storing a php file in cactis folder, to call it to restart wowza.

    Now that cacti is gone, I have no idea how I can achive that, after I cannot find a working www folder on the new AMIs. I am also surprised that Wowza has stopped cacti support on the new AMIs. It was a great tool for me after I was able not only to check for users, but also for outbound traffic (even though it was not quite exactly, but pretty close to it) to have an idea of how much my costs were when I performed a live stream. Sadly amazon does not give the traffic for each started instance but only sums up in the final monthly bill.

    Is it really, that I need to prepare this additional tools and have to manually install them each time I start a devpay EC2 Wowza 3 server?

    Or am I really missing something?

    The advantage of EC2 Wowza 2 was, that I had a system which I could start "out of the box" without having the need to edit too much, and what had to be changed I could store via ftp and at least run a local php script which does the things automatically. I am pretty dissapointed of EC2 Wowza 3 - except I am just missing the necessary information.

    So if someone has some experiance with the new AMIs please contact me, if you are willing to answer some questions

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    Just one small tip for you. You can see your bandwidth utilization by running the ifconfig command in Linux.

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    which is not really helpful after I have no web interface which I could use for output. The advantages of Wowza EC2 was that I had a ready to use system. Now If I start up I can stream. and that's it. No statistics, no web interface. What I ever wondered about is why to store the /examples on ec2 if you cannot access them. I am pretty dissapointed, EC2 Wowza 3 is a step back. I have to stick to Wowza 2. You leave me no choice.

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