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Thread: Live streaming sync problem

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    Default Live streaming sync problem

    Good evening.

    I have the following problem: I re-translate RTSP stream (encoder that send to Wowza h.264 stream), in Wowza i have output RTMP stream and play it in the flash player.

    I use a live streaming. And i have some problem. When client have problem with internet and translation stop, then internet is up and translation continue, and video is unsync, client not see online live stream, he start see at the moment when internet is stop. But its not right, because it is live event and if client have problem with internet, then when internet is up he must stream last action in live stream.

    I am using flash player from examples - LiveVideoStreaming/clientAS2/live.html and WowzaMediaServer-2.2.4

    Could you help me? What is the problem?

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    This sounds like a bandwidth issue, you could drop the bitrate of your stream and see if that helps.


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