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    1) We are looking at purchasing a new server for Broadcasting community events. Our data center only offers 100 Mbps connectivity per line we purchase. Is it feasible to purchase 3 dedicate 100 Mbps lines and 3 servers and use the load balancing solution to spread the traffic across all the lines?

    2) IF we want to to capture the stream for on demand playback after a live stream do we need to purchase any of the addons or does the standard version come with that capability.

    3) When setting up web site how do people handle the different devices (IOS VS android). Is there a way to stream to them both from the same page?

    4) If I have 3 crews is it possable to have 3 publication points? Each having there own user name and password?

    Any info is appreciated.

    Thank you

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    1. Yes, this is relatively easy to setup with the loadbalancer module:

    2. Wowza can be configured to record by default. But, you'll probably want to make a custom module to rename/move the recorded files, and store the names in your database.

    3. Take a look at one of the tutorials for example of playback on different devices: You can do browser/OS detection, or just have a button for people to click for their OS. Then you just serve the correct URI for their system.

    4. This is pretty easy. Just have a different application for each publisher, and use RTMP or RTSP authentication.

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