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Thread: How To create live stream from EE4 encoder

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    Question How To create live stream from EE4 encoder

    I have read many posts and parts of the documentation, but nowhere I find how to transform stream like this: http://[encoder_ip_adress]:[encoder_port]/[name] to stream name. I tried to create file in /content directory with line describing http string seen above, but it no works.
    Pls help me
    I tried to create myStream.sdp file with content ( http://[ip_address]:[port_number]/[transport_stream_name])
    and this ask for LivestreamingPacketizer, which I have in application.xml allready specified
    I tried to start in with transcoder and store it in "mystream.xml" file, with error playlist is empty, but it is not empty. All my experiments I do finish with message Playlist is empty. What do I do wrong way?
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    In general, live streaming servers take in encoded live streams from the encoders and then make them available to the clients. In order to build server networks for scale and redundancy, they can also take input from and output to other servers. So as the first step, letís take a look at what are the different inputs and outputs that a Live Smooth Streaming server supports in order to build a streaming topology.

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