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Thread: Will transcoder adapt to format changes while streaming?

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    Default Will transcoder adapt to format changes while streaming?

    I am considering the Wowza Transcoder add-on to process the IP stream from a video server that will be streaming a video channel derived from playing back files sequentially. Does Wowza figure out the stream content when it sees it? Or does it all have to be pre-configured somewhere to match the stream? In particular, can the transcoder handle it if the stream changes between, say MPEG-2 480i and MPEG-2 720p?

    What if the stream can also change codecs? e.g. transition from MPEG-2 to H.264? Maybe switching SD/HD at the same boundary?

    Will the transcoder die? Transition successfully but with an ugly transition? Or, best of all, not even glitch?

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    Switching profiles, frame size, etc of the video should be OK. Switching codecs will not work. Switching audio sample rate or number of channels will not work.


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