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Thread: Wowza 3.0 EC2 setup

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    Default Wowza 3.0 EC2 setup


    Yesterday I set up a Wowza 3 instance on the Amazon EC2 service but I wasn't successful in getting the video streams to work. I am currently using Wowza 2 on EC2 and I haven't had any issues since the iOS 5 video streaming issue. I just wanted to update to Wowza 3 instead of apply the version 2 patch. Here are the steps I did.

    I am using a Haivision Barracuda video encoder.

    Step 1: Setup Wowza 3 devpay EC2 instance.

    Step 2: SSH into the root user account and update server admin.password file.

    Step 3: I went to the "content" folder and create a file and a file. Insert udp:[portnumber of video stream] into each of the files and save the changes. Then I changed my IP settings in the video encoder to the new EC2 instance.

    Step 4: Login to EC2 control panel and verify I have ports 1935, 80 and the UDP ports on inbound open to receive video streams from the encoder.

    Step 5: Open up stream manager and turn and ON. Test settings in the video player and nothing is coming through. The player acts as if its about to start receiving but nothing happens.

    I feel like I am missing something really simple... If so what is it?


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    Did you test starting just one of them in StreamManager and playing back?

    For both to run, I think you need port sharing enabled


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    Ok the flash player and iOS is working now. I restarted the whole process with a new instance. Is port sharing relevant if each video stream is running on its own port? Either way it all seems to be fine now.

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