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Thread: CPU FOR WOWZA with 40 streamer

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    Lightbulb CPU FOR WOWZA with 40 streamer

    Hi, I have 40 streamer and I think that the cpu is 100% load

    What is the CPU optimal with 40 Streamer 500kb bitrate? .

    I have 1 origin and some edges.

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    There is not one answer to this, it depends on many factors. Make sure the servers are tuned to get the most of of them:

    And you can add edge servers

    Also make sure you are using the same version of Wowza for the origin and each edge.


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    Hi, I have 1 server as origin and 16 edge. Is ok or I should have more origin? Because Now with 700 or 800 viewers the processor is 70%

    before with 30 streamer and 6000 viewers does not happened.

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