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Thread: True connectCount from edges [without dead connections)

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    Exclamation True connectCount from edges [without dead connections)

    Hi All,

    When looking to the Loadbalalncer?serverInfoXML HTTPProvider I see lot of connections under <connectCount>6000</connectCount>
    In each of the edge servers.

    This value is impossible to have since I only have a 1Gbps connection to each edge and streams are on average 450Kbps or higher. So I assume above <connectCount>6000</connectCount> also include some dead connections (Origin could not update this because it was busy)?

    Is there a shell command or something else that I can use to get the true connection into an edge?
    This is really important because I like to know the status of edges in terms of capacity.

    Thanks in advance for any help suggestions.

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    If you are not running Wowza Server 3 then upgrade to Wowza Server 3 (3.0.3). Then install this patch:

    This may resolve the issue.

    If not, then we have enhanced the serverinfo HTTPProvider to try and help debug this issue. The next time this happens do the following:

    1. Add an username and password to [install-dir]/conf/admin.password
    2. Go the URL the following URL and save off the resultant XML and send to (do this twice, do it once, wait 2 minutes and do it again so we can see what has changed in two minutes time - be sure to reference this forum thread):

      You will need to login with admin username and password from above.

    UPDATE: There are detailed instructions here:

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    Have you find a solution with this issue, I came to a same situation on one of the edge servers. The server started to show around 2000 connections, which in fact had around 300. The edge server is running Wowza 3.1.2 same version is on the origin.

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    Take a look at this article:


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