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Thread: Starting and stopping stream on demand.

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    Default Starting and stopping stream on demand.

    We have Wowza3 working with a stream into the live application and playing to iOS. Currently the stream needs to be started either automatically with the startupstreams.xml or manually with the StreamManager. The problem is that this is receiving the stream even when it's not being watched and running up a large amount of data. Assuming I've set it up right?

    So is there a way to start and stop the stream on demand when someone tries to watch, obviously we'd get some delay.

    Alternatively there might be a way to just have it run certain hours? Any other ideas would be appreciated.
    Also, ways of limiting the time a stream can be viewed? (couldn't find a basic enough explanation of how to do this)


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    Hi danny,

    In this StreamClass example you can start and stop published streams at a certain time. You can reference live streams in your .smil file.

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