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Thread: control receive stream(stream manager) programmatically?

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    Default control receive stream(stream manager) programmatically?


    I followed this post to stream desktop using VLC in wowza. i can able to stream dekstop in wowza. thanks randall.

    now i want to do start/stop receiving stream in streammanager programmatically.
    # Use the Stream Manager to start the MPEG-TS stream

    1. Open a web browser and enter the url: http://[wowza-address]:8086/streammanager
    2. Enter your admin username and password from above
    3. Click the [start-receiving-stream] link just below the live application folder
    4. Select the MediaCaster Type: rtp
    5. Enter into the Stream Name field
    6. Click OK

    i want to do these steps programmatically. It is there any possible way to start or stop particular receive stream in stream manager through coding? any guide on this?

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    Hi sktniran,

    Here are two different ways:

    1. A command line interface to start/stop streams.
    2. MediaCaster API functions to start/stop a stream from your custom Wowza module.

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    Thank you randall...

    its worked for me..

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