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Thread: Stream playback glitches

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    Default Stream playback glitches

    I posted a response to a separate thread and really its pertinent to WMS 3 so I will copy and paste the content here.

    I can confirm that my client is also suffering the same issue, however there is no custom configuration to the extent that @HectorH has applied.

    We simply have a Large Wowza EC2 instance which has been configured to mount the S3 bucket as per wowza docs. It uses the vods3 module and no further configuration changes. We have noticed the frequency of this event is increasing.

    To note, we have another EC2 instance which has worked fine for months using Wowza version 2 I recall, this new large instance uses Version 3.

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    If this problem is with Flash playback I would try the following:

    • Be sure you are running latest version of Flash player.
    • Be sure you have set a healthy client side buffer (NetStream.setBufferTime(3)) of 2-5 seconds. The Flash player with small or no buffer will do the speed up slow down thing because it is running in a video chat like mode.
    • Try Flash player with hardware acceleration turned off.

    You might also try the latest Wowza Server patch. It does address one issue that could have an affect on this:


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