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Thread: Overlapping multiple recordings with nDVR Recording API

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    Default Overlapping multiple recordings with nDVR Recording API


    I am using the nDVR recording API to record the shows with the show names.
    I wish to however start the recording 5 minutes before the show starts and stop the recording 5 minutes after the show ends.

    Say, 'show_1' starts at 10 AM and 'show_2' starts at 11 AM.

    I want record show_1 between 9.55 AM and 11.05 AM.
    I want to start recording show_2 from 10.55 AM.

    These are the commands that I would run :

    9.55 AM :

    10.55 AM :

    11.05 AM:

    I want the same stream to be recorded under both 'show_1' and 'show_2' recording names between 10.55 AM and 11.05 AM. However, when I start show_2 at 10.55 AM, show_1 automatically stops recording.

    So, it looks like I cannot have 2 recordings at the same time for a given stream.
    Is this a bug or is there a way I can achieve this ?

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    This is currently not supported.

    The only idea I have to achieve this currently would be use transcoder to transcode the incoming stream into 2 identical streams. Not an ideal solution, but it seems like it would work.

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