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Thread: adaptive for Silverlight using smil on Wowza/EC2

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    Default adaptive for Silverlight using smil on Wowza/EC2

    Following the directions in this tutorial, I've created bigbuckbunny.smil:
                <video src="mp4:bigbuckbunny_450.mp4" system-bitrate="450000"/>
                <video src="mp4:bigbuckbunny_750.mp4" system-bitrate="750000"/>
                <video src="mp4:bigbuckbunny_1100.mp4" system-bitrate="1100000"/>
                <video src="mp4:bigbuckbunny_1500.mp4" system-bitrate="1500000"/>
    When attempting to play the following url:
    http://server on ec2:1935/vods3/_definst_/smil:amazons3/bucketname/smil:bigbuckbunny.smil/Manifest (and a few variations)
    the test player returns:
    "Streaming Error: Caught exception trying to parse main manifest: At least one media stream is needed, none are declared in the manifest."

    I've tried
    <video src="mp4:" system-bitrate="450000"/>
    with the same result.

    Any guidance much appreciated!
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    Never mind - found the problems. First was permissions on the smil and assets in the S3 bucket, then reverted to the original urls in the smil file and life is good!

    Oh, the proper url to put in the player is:
    for anyone experiencing same issues.

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