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Thread: Transcoder AddOn on EC2

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    Default Transcoder AddOn on EC2

    I have a EC2 AMI image that I've tweaked and customized for my needs. I need to use the Transcoder AddOn to be able to generate a few more streams for iOS from my main input streams. I've set up the transcoder configuration, but I don't see in the logs that my streams are being transcoded at all. I went here ( and read that no addons are supplied for EC2 AMI images. Is this really the case? Can I not use AddOns with EC2?

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    The devpay AMIs do not support Addons (Transcoder, nDVR and DRM). But the new lickey AMIs, pre-built Wowza EC2 servers do support Addons. You have to use your daily, monthly or perpetual license.


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