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Thread: Sending MP3 data to Publisher

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    Default Sending MP3 data to Publisher

    I've spent all day on this and got nowhere so some help would be really appreciated.

    I'm using the Publisher API to create a stream. I'm using addAudioData() to feed in MP3 audio data read directly from a normal 128kbps file.

    When I play the stream, it plays for a second perfectly, and then starts jumping all over the place.

    For "timecode", I'm passing in an integer reflecting the number of milliseconds that have passed, calculated using:

    (bytes_read / 16000) * 1000 // 16000 bytes per second in a 128kbps file
    I'm not sure if it's necessary to Thread.sleep() for this amount between calls to addAudioData, but whether I sleep or not it's still jumping.

    What could be going wrong?

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    I can only suggest a couple of troubleshooting steps:

    Does it play okay in a Wowza vod application played back in Flash?

    Does it play okay as source of Wowza Stream class stream?


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    Yes, it plays fine using the Stream class.

    I'm passing addAudioData() exactly one mp3 frame at a time (including the 32-bit mp3 header), plus the 1-byte Publisher header. So approx. 418 bytes each call.

    Then Thread.sleep()ing for an appropriate amount of ms.

    Anything sounding obviously wrong here?

    Thanks for the pointers btw - they're appreciated.

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    I don't have experience with the Publisher API. It is usually beyond the scope of Forum and Wowza support. We have know some developers with experience using this API. You can get list of consultants by sending request to Include link to this thread.


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