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Thread: How to access the headers sent by client in cupertino streaming session?

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    Default How to access the headers sent by client in cupertino streaming session?

    I have a problem with proxies, with wowza reporting the client IP as the proxy IP. However, I can verify the client IP in the X_FORWARDED_FOR or HTTP_VIA headers.
    How can I access these from a cupertino HTTP session?
    Is there an object that controls all the headers somewhere that I can iterate through to see the header name and it's contents??? That would be perfect!


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    Take a look at the IHTTPStreamerSession.getHTTPHeader* methods


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    Sorry Richard, my fault.
    I had seen those in the guide, but the wowza IDE2 app was flagging them as errors.
    Half my pb has been I was on wowza2, then on the development server I put wowza3 and lots went away, but I never upgraded to wowza3 on the development desktop...
    I just did and now the IDE is no longer flagging them

    I should have known better!

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    Hi Richard,
    Are there headers set in resolvePlayAlias()? I ask because nothing is logging with the code below:

    	public String resolvePlayAlias(IApplicationInstance appInstance,
    			String name, IHTTPStreamerSession httpSession) {
    		Set headerNames = httpSession.getHTTPHeaderNames();		
    		Iterator i = headerNames.iterator();
    		while (i.hasNext()) {
    			getLogger().info("Header: ";
    		return name;
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    Is getHTTPHeader method available in Wowza 2? If not, is there a workaround to use it?

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    Is HTTPSession.getHTTPHeader() in the Wowza 2 ServerSide API? If it isn't and it doesn't compile, then it isn't in Wowza 2, and I don't know of a work-around. Wowza 3 is still a free upgrade for Wowza 2 licensees. Here is an upgrade guide:


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