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    We have been having some issues streaming recorded FLVs from Wowza. We have a Flash/Flex streaming application where users can record their own videos via webcam, upload them to the server and then play them back. During playback, there can be up to four videos playing on the screen at once.

    To avoid the bandwidth issues associated with streaming four videos simultaneously, we buffer all four videos to 100% before starting playback.

    The issue that we are having is that when the videos start playing, the first few seconds of some videos play in fast-forward. When we try downloading these videos manually from the media server, they play fine (in Adobe Media Player and VLC). What is strange is that we have also tried placing videos on the server that were not recorded via webcam and these play fine in our application. This leads us to believe that it may be an issue with the format or metadata of the videos. We are using a variety of different webcams for testing and certain webcams seem to have this issue more than others. Has anyone else experienced issues similar to this?

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    It could be low resources on the client computer. I would consider this a possibility if the problem manifests more frequently on lower-end hardware compared with higher-end hardware. Or maybe if you get a CPU usage spike when you try to play the 4 videos.

    Are you able to reproduce the accelerated video using a different player such as the Wowza example players or another flash player? If not, it points to a problem with your custom player.

    If you still can't sort it out, post a link to download some example media and steps to reproduce the problem.

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