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Thread: No access to dvr content unless stream is actively playing!? ...What?

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    Default No access to dvr content unless stream is actively playing!? ...What?

    As far as I can tell from the api and the documentation, there isn't a way to watch dvr-ed content unless the live stream is active.

    That's a bit like not being to watch old hockey games unless a live one is playing. Yes, that does not make sense.

    I implore you to allow access to dvr content without coupling it to live streams. It simply does not make sense any other way.

    Currently my extremely tortured method of gaining access to the dvrstream is to quickly turn on and off the stream and then attempt access to the dvr recorder.
    The reason it works is that I hang my httpprovider in an infinite node traversal (bug). This allows me to kill the live stream and keep the dvr stream going. Of course I loose my httpprovider.
    Obviously that is a sucky way to get something that is sitting right on the file system.

    PLEASE!!!! DVR-ed content should not be coupled to live streams!

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    You can playback DVR recordings.


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    Really? How? Cause so far I have only been able to with the side effect of the live stream starting as well.

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    A live stream that is being recorded is played like this on Flash:


    After it is recorded, you do the same:


    This will load the recorded streamName and send it via HTTP streaming.

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    How would you instantiate the dvr stream using the server side api?

    appinstance.startMediaCasterStream("", "rtp"); modified to what? I tried a bunch of combos, but was not successful. No documentation covered it either.

    Something similar to this => appinstance.startMediaCasterStream("", "?DVR", "rtp");

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    Originally Posted by michael401
    If you want to only start the dvr stream (not the live stream), how would you do that?

    The server side api has this function
    appinstance.startMediaCasterStream(" ", "rtp");

    how would i modify that to only start the dvr'd content?
    You cannot. This starts live streams.
    See your other question here:!-...What

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    So really I am right.

    You cannot play back DVR-d content using the server side api unless you are prepared to also start the live stream.
    But you can if you use the http interface.

    Please - It would make wowza much more appealing to people like me who are developing SaaS security systems if you do such a thing. I doubt it would take much to modify.

    I suppose I could use the http interface with a local player on the wowza server. But that is convoluted and somewhat shameful.

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    Yes, you can watch DVR content that is not being streamed live with the current nDVR.
    No, you do not use the mediacaster API to start playback of DVR-ed content.

    You can use all the methods used to start live streams to feed into the DVR recording mechanism. DVR will stream this content during its live phase. It can also be streamed via HTTP streamer after the recording has finished.

    Once the live stream finishes recording, it is no longer a live stream. It is essentially a VOD asset. It gets streamed when the player/client requests it.

    I'm unclear on why you want to start DVR stream using the server side API. What are you trying to accomplish?
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    Ok, so from the server side, what I really want to do is get a record of the DVR manifest. So far I have been only able to get a handle to the manifest through a IMediaStream. If there is another way, that would be great.
    Worst case scenario, I have to roll a manifest reader myself as from what I can tell, all the info is there in the content folder.
    Let me know if that is the case.

    Being able to start the dvr stream from the server side is not totally necessary, but it allows for some aspects of automated testing.

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    So it sounds like you don't need to start streaming a pre-recorded DVR (which is what mediacaster does), but you are trying to query Wowza about the pre-recorded DVR. But since its not loaded (no one is recording to it and no one is playing it), you cannot get the manifest.

    Is that right?

    What manifest info are you needing?
    Do you know the app and streamName?
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