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Thread: EC2 + live streaming + iOS = not working !

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    Question EC2 + live streaming + iOS = not working !

    Newbie here. No linux / javascript / API experience.

    Using Flash media encoder, H.264, baseline, level 3.0, 5 sec keyframe, 320x240 video / 29.97, mono audio 22Khz, stream name is MCTVtest.
    Amazon EC2 Wowza - - RTMP stream works just fine, thank you,

    JWPlayer fallback does not work... so I put a second player on the page, using HTML5 structure.

    My iPhone friends can see the video window with play arrow, and sometimes even the first frame, but they can't play the stream, nor hear the audio.
    Did more testing and the live stream works with Telestream Wirecast encoder on Flash Low Bandwidth setting, the only difference I can see is the frame rate. Any ideas?
    JWPlayer Fallback now working. Still can't use Flash Media Encoder. Sigh.

    Thank you.
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