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Thread: Synchronize multiple streams

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    Default Synchronize multiple streams

    I'm not yet using Wowza, but I'm in the process of building the hardware. One thing we'd like to do would be able to send and receive multiple camera shots. This is for a church environment where we'd have a stage wide shot that shows on single projection screen at the remote location and a second shot that's a close up that shows on a side screen.

    How would I setup Wowza to stream 2 video streams? Is there a way to ensure that the streams are in sync during playback? I'd like to use the DVR addon so that we can start the streams at the remote location a few minutes after the main campus so that the start time is at the remote location is more flexible.

    Is this scenario possible?


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    You can have many streams but there is not any great way to ensure that each client will see them in sync.


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    Theoretically possible, but there's no mechanism internal to Wowza that can sync the timecode on the two different streams. I have clients who have tried to do this as well and ultimately determined it wasn't practical.

    If you'd like some info on some other solutions, I'd be happy to chat offline. Churches are my primary market. - You can find me at


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    basically, the only way to effectively do this is to mux the two streams into a single transport. I suppose if you could fake a 3D stream, and demux it at the client side, you could pull it off.

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    (I also have another client that is building out a Wowza server internally to do full bidirectional video between worship locations, with DVR, but they're sending a single stream, rather than center/IMAG)


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