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Thread: Streaming Through Firewall

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    Default Streaming Through Firewall

    I want to stream H.264 content through a firewall.
    I am using Axis M10 series cameras.

    I can not manually configure the firewall. Any solution that involves
    programatic configuration of the firewall is welcome. I just cant do
    this manually, since our customers are not technical people and they
    dont know how to setup.

    I wanted to try RTP/RTSP tunneling over HTTP. But I saw in
    Wowza forums that Wowza can not take RTP/RTSP over HTTP data
    as input. It can stream out data through http to players but it
    cant pull RTP/RTSP over HTTP data from the camera

    One approach is to use UPNP. However port forwarding using
    UPNP is not persistent. If the firewall looses power the port
    mappings are erased. If this happens when the user is away from
    home there is no way to re-esatblish connection.

    Any ideas and best practices are welcome.

    Best regards,

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    You can re-stream over TCP by adding forceInterleaved Property to /conf/[app-name]/Application.xml /MediaCaster Properties list:


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    Default port 554

    But i can not open port 554. Thus I think just using RTP over RTSP (interleaving) wont work.
    Since the only port that is open is port 80, i need RTP over RTSP over HTTP.
    But wowza does not support taking input from cameras if the data is tunneled through

    Is this correct?

    If this is the case, any other suggestions to enable streaming thorugh firewall?


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    If you are already connecting to the camera you should be able to use forceInterleaved. Otherwise, no, Wowza does not ingest HTTP streams (except shoutcast/icecast streams)


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