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Thread: Devpay instance and recording webcam (StorageDir question)

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    Default Devpay instance and recording webcam (StorageDir question)

    I have written an application on my local mac (MAMP) that allows a user to record via their webcam. Everything works very well locally - the local copy of Wowza records the files to the default content directory with no problems.

    I recently launched a Wowza devpay instance and the recording functionality seems to not work as expected.

    My live test setup is a webserver (PHP) serving the php/html/flash assets that connects to the Wowza server via rtmp. The connection seems to work fine - when I view the logs on the Wowza server I see that my swf file is connecting. When I look at the content folder on the Wowza server (that's set to 777) no file is created.

    Any idea what I could be doing incorrectly? Is this potentially a crossdomain issue with Flash? Thoughts?

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    You might try testing with the Wowza VideoRecording example to narrow down the problem.

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