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Thread: iOS Audio Gaps with MP3

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    Default iOS Audio Gaps with MP3

    In iOS devices we hear very small audio gaps at seemingly random intervals (every few seconds or so) when broadcasting with FMLE using MP3 audio (stereo, 44100 Hz, 96 Kbps as recommended in other forum posts with similar issues). If we broadcast with the same settings in FMLE using AAC audio it seems to be perfect and has no gaps.

    We experienced this problem with our Wowza 2 version (2.1.1 build24490). We just now upgraded to Wowza version 3 ( build969) and still experience the same issue. Also, broadcasting with other encoders with AAC audio seems to work perfectly (Wirecast and nanoStream). Lastly, both MP3 and AAC audio play perfectly with Flash players (we are using Flowplayer).

    Is there possibly something that we have setup wrong in our config files that would cause this problem with the audio gaps with MP3 and iOS devices? We can't seem to get rid of them.


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    Just checking in to see if anyone has had this issue as well? I've seen a similar posts like the one below, but they didn't seem to help us with our issues...


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    Actually 128kbs is the best choice for MP3, and stereo. See if that improves it. But if you have AAC available that is what you should use.


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