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Thread: Determine if a stream is available over HTTP

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    Default Determine if a stream is available over HTTP

    Is there a way to check and see if Wowza has a stream by a given name over HTTP? IE: for a live application, does a live stream exist, for a vod application, does a vod stream exist?

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    A couple ways - one would be to query the serverinfo HTTPProvider and parse the output - the other would be to build a custom HTTPProvider that does the checking on the backend.


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    What's the class name of the serverinfo HTTP provider?

    Also, could you explain how I could find out if a VOD application has a stream or not? I'm trying to write a HTTPProvider for this purpose.

    What's the logic for finding if an application has a stream? IVHost > IApplication > IApplicationInstance > getStreams > ?

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    You can get path with IApplicationInstance.getStreamStoragePath(), then use Java file API to see if file exists


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