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Thread: Problem While Clearing the message in TextChatExamples?

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    Default Problem While Clearing the message in TextChatExamples?

    Hai i created a Application( Text Chat) in Wowza media Sever Examples.In that Examples,I want to Clear the Previous Message.
    nc = null;
    		textchat_so = null;
    		listChat.htmlText = "";
    		chatText = "";
    		lastChatId = 0;
    		connect.connectButton.label = "Connect";
    It's Cleared the Message.But While i Type the text again, the Last Message is Displayed.I want to Remove the Previous Message.Is it possible to remove the Previous massage.Kindly Help me.
    Thanks in advance

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    You show disconnecting from Wowza. That will clear everything for that client. But when it connects again, the shareobject will synchronize with the server.

    Try doing sharedObject.clear() while you are connected


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    Thank you Richard!ok Sir if Shared Object is clear,But the Connection is Still available.In my Server the number of connection is increased.If connection is increased is any problem for that?like Server will slow down.How to rectify this problem.

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