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Thread: NGRP in edge/origin configuration

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    Default NGRP in edge/origin configuration


    I've setted up the transcoder add-on in an origin WMS. Now, i want to play a stream group from an iPad by connecting to an edge WMS; this is the base link i use:


    However, this doesn't work!. The edge server reports logs the following line:

    WARN server comment - HTTPStreamerCupertinoIndexPlaylist.indexFile[live/_definst_/ngrp:saeta.stream_vip]: MediaList is empty

    Any idea?.

    Thanks in advance,

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    You have to setup standard smil on each edge. You can use .stream files as stream names in the smil. The .stream files will contain the full rtmp url to the Origin stream. For example.

    file: /content/
    contains: rtmp://[wowza-address]:1935/liveorigin/stream_360p

    Then use as an item in the smil.


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    Thanks again, it seems to be working now. I'll do some packet capturing next week to corroborate this.


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    Thanks for the update.

    Also add the origin Property from step #2 here


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    Default ngrp not working

    Well, let me try to explain what happens.

    I'm using the transcoder addon for a web application using flash 11 (h.264 + speex). I can upload video + audio.

    If I call, either, or, it works, so the transcoder addon is ok and working, cause I'm using speex as audio input. My IOS devices respond correctly and play the stream.

    This is part of my transcoder.xml:

    <!-- Note: Play stream using stream name ngrp:[stream-name]. -->

    If I call, I'm getting the warn MediaList is empty and no streaming is going to my IOS devices.

    Is this NGRP probably the problem?

    Any help?


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