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    How can we provide maximum stability of our service powered by wowza? I mean if I have got only one stream server wowza and if it hangs or something else which led to our service falls. So we need to get our service works 24/7. How can we achive that? Is there any wowza server's solutions that backup each other: if one server hangs then second server like active backup replaces it.

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    The only thing that is built-in to Wowza like that is with the Liverepeater (origin/edge) system where you can configure a primary and backup origin, which is documented here:


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    I can't understand one thing.
    If I have got 2 servers which should backup each other how can they do that? I mean how can I prepare an URL (rtmp://) which automatically connects user to one of that servers?
    Because in such live-origin configuretion if one server hangs, than all URL that provide access to him wouldn't work and then service down. Or if I take three servers than if my edge fails than all origin cannot be accessed. Am I right?

    Or I can't understand how can I switch between edges servers? How an URL to my content should look like?

    Maybe there is something like PING to physical servers but to java servers? And if java server fails than it shouldn't response and than it can be scripted and automatically rebooted?

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    You can check a Wowza server over http, like this:
    This should return Wowza version and build. So this is an easy way to see if a server is available


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