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Thread: Odd transcoder add-on behaviour

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    Default Odd transcoder add-on behaviour


    I've been having some transcoding issues lately. As <Transcoder> i'm using the default (Mainconcept) one.
    I want to know a few things about the Mainconcept behaviour:
    • Is it possible to 'execute the add-on' remotely (i.e., execute WMS standalone with the live transcoding process enabled)?, i've been experiencing some problems regarding this, and i know from experience that some processes can't be run remotely (e.g., CUDA encoder).
    • I'm using an edge/origin configuration, where the origin WMS is used to do the live transcoding. I used the SAME app name in both edge and origin. Is this a problem?

    The reason i'm asking this is because i want to narrow down the problems i've been facing.

    Thanks in advance!,

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    I understand that using VNC instead of RDT will work to start Transcoding in remote session.

    Having same name for origin and edge application is not a problem


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