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Thread: Load Balancing Edge Failover Questions

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    Default Load Balancing Edge Failover Questions


    I'm about to design a failover network

    Imagine I've setup a many Edge Server : EDGE1 : EDGE2 : EDGE3 : EDGE4

    And I setup Wowza Load Balancer on them

    But on the player i'll use rtmp://

    What if dies ?

    Any solutions for EDGE HA like :
    1) Hardware Load Balancing ?

    Or Should I use JW Player RTMP CLuster plugin for that ?

    Thank you.

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    Set up your player on your load balancing server so pointing to RTMP://[load-balancer-server]:1935/redirect/myStream
    If any of the edges die clients may reconnect to the load balancer and redirect application sends them to another edge.


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