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    Question S3 + Transcoder


    All the examples of the Transcoder refer to its ability to transcode live streams. Is it possible to have it dynamically transcode (actually, just transrate) files stored in S3?

    Here's the situation: We've got tens of thousands of hours of audio, and I'd like to be able to stream them to our clients at various bitrates. Right now, we're storing multiple copies of the same file. This is quite inefficient, and is costing us too much in storage - since the older files aren't accessed that often, but still need to be kept around. I'd rather just have one high-bitrate (128K AAC for example) master file, and have the transcoder do its magic on-demand.

    Seems to me that if the transcoder is clever enough to do its magic for a live stream, doing it for a static file should be fairly easy.



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    This is not supported at present. It is a possible future feature, but I don't have a time frame

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    Thanks for the reply. If you're keeping a list of customer requests, please put my name next to that one. It'll save us heaps on storage costs over the life of the product.

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