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Thread: Server Perfomance

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    Cool Server Perfomance

    Is this server enough to runs wowza perfectly ?

    Intel Dual-Core G6950
    4Gb ram
    250x2 HDD
    1Gbps uplink

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    'Perfectly' is a such a broad term.

    The recommended is a Quad core with 8Gb of RAM. Comes down to what you want to do ? So bitrate of streams, expected number of clients connecting etc.


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    200-300kbps also will maxim use the 1G port , some times it will connect 6000 viewers, then server will fail? wht about only upgrading ram to 8GB

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    At 200-300 kbps you will get an absolute maximum of 3000 connected viewers.
    If you tune Wowza and the server is dedicated to this one task of running these 3000 viewers you may be able to pull it off with 4Gb RAM but I would suggest that you get 8Gb RAM and that this is all done in a 64bit OS.

    If you exceed 3000 connected viewers you will start to loose connections randomly buffering will be come a problem and all sorts of other issues may arise due to your 1Gbps uplink.


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    IF it exceed 3000 only buffering issues will have? or server failing like freezing or restarting can happen too?

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