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Thread: Using MPEG2TS file as content

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    Default Using MPEG2TS file as content

    I know that MPEG-4 Part 14 is the expected file format for content, but is it possible for a ts file to be directly used? Since Wowza supports ts input from RTP, I was surprised that just putting a ts file in the content directory didn't work for VoD.

    Is there some setting I can change that will allow it to work?

    WARN server comment foo.ts[2]: java.lang.Exception: QTUtils.parseQTMediaContainer: File is missing 'moov' atom.

    The movie file is h.264 + AAC, and when I remux it to a .mp4 file, it works. So the problem is just about the container, and I wonder if there might be a work-around.

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    No, .ts files are not supported for vod streaming in Wowza.


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