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Thread: EC2 configuration automation

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    Default EC2 configuration automation

    I've looked and questioned, but I just cant crack how to do what I want.
    I assume that there must be people who have figured it out, so here goes:

    I want to create a simple way for a to fire up an a wowza instance, associate an elastic IP and stream an event, then spin it down when done.
    And to provide me with a summary of number of viewers, data used etc

    It only seems possible doing this manually. I am sure I am missing something, but I dont have the time at present to learn the darker arts of this, anyone care to quote for that job?
    Is it acceptable to post this here - sorry if not.


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    I have a number of posts and code samples on my blog about it:

    (Wowza related posts at

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    (I've also built a web-based control panel for it that I call CDNBuilder, contact me directly and we can work out an arrangement)


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    Hi Ian, thanks for the information, I private messaged you via this system - I dont know if you get notifications. Look forward to speaking with you.


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