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Thread: Automatic changing from streaming a file then live then a file again

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    Default Automatic changing from streaming a file then live then a file again

    I have the following scenario, using JWPlayer and Livu:

    1. Consumer sits in front of pc and requests a live presentation. The server responds with a wowza app name and a stream name.
    2. Consumer is presented with an introductory prerecorded video using the stream name while we're waiting on the producer.
    3. Producer gets his iPod out with livu installed on it and streams to the wowza app with the same stream name.
    4. Consumer prerecorded video stops and player switches to live stream from producer.
    5. At some point the live video is finished so the consumer should be presented with a prerecorded video again.

    Is this possible? And if yes how would I get wowza to initially stream a file to the consumer, and then when the live feed is coming from the producer, smoothly switch to streaming that to the consumer?

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    Yes this is possible,
    you should find all the info you need here,


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    Excellent! Thanks gents, I'll have a look at the info you pointed me at and see how far I'll get ;-)


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