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Thread: Inlethd sp8100 and Wowza Server 3 and akamai

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    Default Inlethd sp8100 and Wowza Server 3 and akamai

    We have WowzaMediaServer-3.0.3 perpetual license and we intend to stream live 24/7 or 24/5. Below is our setup:

    InletHD SP8100 sending H264 (output resolution: 480x270, bit rate: 3000 kb/s, key frame interval: 90 frames, buffer size: 2000 ms) to WowzaMediaServer-3.0.3 to pushed to Akamai

    Wowza server specs: linux 64bit, 64bit Java, 10G of memory, 4 core cpu

    There’s a gigabit network between the Inlethd device and Wowza server and to Akamai.


    We want to avoid congestion between the encoder and Wowza media server and Wowza to Akamai flash receivers.

    What configuration should we use on Wowza for optimal performance using the above source specs?
    What configuration should we use if we want increase the output resolution to 640x360?
    How do we push the stream from Wowza to Akamai? I know there was a pushpublish addon for Wowza 2.x, but how is it done with 3.0.3?
    We are considering running Wowza receiving the stream on multicast, how do we configure for that?
    Is multicast ideal for Wowza for our setup?
    If none of these is ideal, what would you suggest?

    Thank you.

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    Answered same support ticket

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