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    I have written a small audio chat application. Is there any way I can record this conversation?

    May be a server side script that keeps on recording or anything else?

    It's a 2 way chat. Each entity publishes to a different stream. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Thank You.

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    You can record both stream by changing the Application.xml /StreamType to "live-record"

    But there will be two streams resulting from a one to one chat session. Syncing two streams to re-create a chat is difficult to do. There really isn't a practical way to do it.


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    Ok. Thanks Richard.

    Are you aware of a workaround?


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    The only possible solution that I know of is to inject time codes in both streams while you are recording, then develop a custom player that uses those somehow to sync.

    This is how to inject data:

    I don't have an example of a client that will sync streams using the time codes.


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