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    Default Basic server start

    I KNOW (!) there is a quick start guide but there is a lot of text to find something basic.

    I have restarted my server but only one of my four wowza live audio-streaming applications are currently working. I have checked my encoders and my shoutcast setups and they are working fine. This is the last connection in the chain.

    I'm using 2.2.4 on a windows 2008 server. Is there a way to start these server instances automatically; I thought this had already been set up.

    To add confusion to this I have three application folders due to setup errors. One was set up on a 2.2.3 version and the other is within the current 2.2.4 version but is listed as "old" server instances.

    The thing is the folder that I am convinced is live has no data within the application folder. For example in stream_high (one of my four streams) I can click this folder and I find another folder called "shared objects". Inside this there is another folder called "_definst_". Inside this folder there is nothing.

    I have given you all I know at the moment. Might be a good idea to install the new version of wowza but I shall wait until I've mastered this has been a long time since I went under the bonnet (shame on me).

    First things first.....

    1. Why are these folders empty?

    2. Where and how do I start the other three server instances? (I have started the Wowza server)?

    I realise I may have to give you more info but any help would be useful.


    And yes, can you remind me where I can find the basic streaming application to text my connections?
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    Hi John,

    1. Why are these folders empty?

    This is normal. Nothing to be concerned with. The configuration file is located in [Wowza]/conf/[application name]. This is the folder where the user (you) will make changes to the Application.xml file. The only concern you'll typically have with [Wowza]/applications/[application name] is to ensure that the folder exists.

    2. Where and how do I start the other three server instances? (I have started the Wowza server)?

    You say you are on a Windows 2008 server. So, are you asking how to start your other 3 streaming applications, or how to start your other 3 Wowza servers? Look at the quickstart guide for ways to start the Wowza server itself. (I've linked to the specific section for you.)

    Here is the Shoutcast Tutorial:

    You do not need to have 4 separate applications to re-stream 4 separate Shoutcast streams. You can stream 4 streams using one Wowza "live" application. To do that look at section 4 and 7 in the tutorial. You need to create 4 different .stream files:,, etc.. The you need to start each of the 4 streams in the StreamManager.

    Then play them in the LiveVideoStreaming client using:

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    I had written a long reply which apparently was autosaved but I lost it all. This is going to be a quicker rushed reply, so please forgive.

    I had started the server correctly yesterday. I restarted today using both methods described by you. It concludes that the server has started successfully but in the middle of the command dialogue it throws an error just after it says its listening on port 8083; something like:

    server core failure: Address already in use: Bind Address already in use: Bind
    at (native method)
    at org.apache.mina.transport.socket.Acceptor.registerNew (Unknown Source)


    To put you further in the picture yesterday I restarted the server for this first time in a couple of months after installing a raft of windows update. I have still to update java, but currently I cannot (or rather java cannot) locate these updates on the web. I have not touched my application.xml files or any files. I created a new user through the server manager, prior to updating. That is all I touched. Although the reason I had to update and restart was that my encoder (SAM broadcaster) froze out and I could not display its window on clicking its icon in the taskbar.

    This is about as comprehensive as I can give you at this time. So:

    1. What are my next steps?
    2. Can you recommend a cheap and simple way to capture my command errors for you, or even to screenshot my remote server?

    many thanks for your assistance
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    Don't use service restart. Do stop then start. Then you won't get that error re 8083


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    Thanks for this. I have done what you say. However I now have identified another issue (the streams still do not play). I have a regular error with my three not-working streams. It says missing function for both "create stream" and "delete stream". It then highlights that I have a missing "</property> tag on line 72:6 which related to parsing the config file; if its a standard application.xml, which it is, does this help identify roughly where the error is coming from?

    I'll be working on this tomorrow. Thanks for the assistance so far.

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    Missing function create stream, delete stream does mean that the Application.xml is malformed. Try starting over with a copy of /conf/Application.xml

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