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Thread: RTSP Stream to IOS

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    Unhappy RTSP Stream to IOS

    My English is very poor,can you help me,thank you.
    I'm programing a ios app by flex,which to see IP camera.
    The IP camera only support RTSP, and I'm convert to RMTP by WOWZA.
    I can see the video in flex simulator,but can't see the video in IPad.
    Help me,thank you.

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    RTMP is a Flash protocol which is not supported on iDevices. You can use Cupertino streaming.

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    randall,thank for your help.
    But when I used FMS to provide a video stream which from an other IPAD's camera or my notebook's camera,I can see the video in IPAD.
    My IP camera is provide H.264 stream.

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    Hi again,

    I can't find any example of RTMP video streaming working on iDevices. But, it looks like people are working on a solution. Can you provide a link to a working example?

    Is there some reason that you can't use Cupertino streaming?

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    Hi randall.
    I don't know any example like you want.
    But I were make a IOS client by Flex Mobile not long ago, which can send local video to each other.
    Client A use Flex's NetConnection.Connect("rtmp://url") to connect FMS,
    then use NetStream.publish("appName") to publish video and audio stream to FMS.
    Client B use same mode to connect FMS.
    and NetStream.Play("appName") to play the video and audio.
    Does it use RTMP stream?
    I'll try to write a FLEX server app to get stream from WOWZA and publish to FMS.I'll tell you later.

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    But, randall.Can I push a stream from WOWZA to FMS with out other app?

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    You can use the Push Publishing Addon to push an RTMP stream to FMS:

    Or you can use some Server Side Actionscript in FMS to pull a regular live RTMP stream from Wowza. Something like this:
    myCon = new NetConnection();
    myCon.connect("rtmp://[Wowza Server IP]/live");
    myStream = Stream.get("myStream");"myStream.sdp", -1, -1, true, myCon);
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