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Thread: minimum System requirements for Wowza Media Server

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    Default minimum System requirements for Wowza Media Server

    Hi My Friends.
    What System requirements(hardware) will be needed for Wowza Media Server 2 (streaming live video)
    if i will be have few live rtmp streams at 500 kbps and have 200 clients online?
    Thank you for answer.

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    We recommend late model dual quad CPU, 4 - 8 gigs of RAM, and at least 1gbs nic. HDD is not a factor for live streaming. That should be plenty for your requirements, but we have a load test tool you can get by sending request to


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    Default Soun Card


    I want to live stream tv channel, I built windows server 2008 R2 with Input device Ezcap AV audio/Video converter with adobe Flash media encoder.

    now I can open URLs on browser, Android and iOS devices but the quality is very bad, also there is no Audio Output.

    All needed drivers installed, please advise if should the server have sound card or not.


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    Would you describe what you mean by "quality is very bad" ? Is the video image pixelated?
    Or freezes frequently, or something of some other description?

    What are the video and audio settings in FMLE ? Which Audio codec are you using? It should
    be MP3 or AAC audio, if anything else then audio will not play through on mobile devices.


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