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Thread: Help with setup on demand vod

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    Default Help with setup on demand vod

    hello I would like to know how I can configure my server to deliver mp4 file extention to work on the ideal demand, which is why I ask your help to guide me how to configure and where I have to upload these videos if connection is possible via ftp so thanks for the help

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    VOD tutorial is here:

    Uploading content to your server is something you have to manage, there is nothing built-in to Wowza.


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    ok thanks but I have the next question, I created a directory called trailers in the directory you want to address to view content from a mobile but I do not play a url that income is:

    rtsp: / / [Wowza-address]: 1935/vod/mp4: trailers/Gato-con-Botas-HD.mp4

    which will be the problem?

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    Hi inforsepulveda,

    That should work. Edit: you need _definst_ when playing files in nested directories with RTSP/HTTP.

    Try putting the file directly in your content directory and playing with:
    You should see some INFO lines in your Wowza console output when you play the file. If not, it is probably a firewall issue. Try turning off your firewall.
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    clear is fairly rare, if I put the sample.mp4 if it works but another name for it is not uncommon .. besides there is no firewall on that server

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    In the Application.xml what is the StorageDir set to?, should look like this:

    All the content you wish to play through this application should be at [Wowza-install]/content in this example.

    If you wanted a sub directory within the content directory called trailers you would have:

    All the content you wish to play through this application should be at [Wowza-install]/content/trailers in this example.

    The Application.xml will direct this vod application to look in the directory [Wowza-install]/content/trailers making the URL:


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    When content is in a subfolder you need to use application instance (_definst_) in the rtsp url:

    rtsp://[wowza-address]: 1935/vod/_definst_/mp4:trailers/Gato-con-Botas-HD.mp4

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